Welcome to Uli's Homepage

As you see, this site is still heavily under construction.
I am quite short with time, so I'll add new items as soon as I'll find the time.
Mainly, you'll find some information about my (hopefully interesting) hobbies.

Following subjects are planned for this site:

Carnivorous plants
(I'm also a member of the German Carnivorous Plant Society)

Cacti, Succulents and Caudiciform plants
Please also visit the sites of the "Deutsche Kakteengesellschaft e.V. " and "Fachgesellschaft andere Sukkulenten e.V."

and - the "technical" side of my hobbies:

everything around Electron Tubes:

Construction of Tube-HiFi-Amplifiers,
restauration of antique radio and TV sets
and - collecting of interesting tubes

....and finally: the guy behind all this mess.... ;-)