RL 12 P 35 transmitter pentode

This Power Pentode, made by Telefunken, was used mainly by the German Military.

Anode and Suppressor grid are connected to the top caps with additional screw fasteners. Suppressor grid has also an additional connection at one base pin. Internal connections are made, as far as possible, with copper straps to reduce RF losses - see photo. Max. plate power dissipation is 35 W, max voltage about 800 V. Max. screen grid voltage is 200 V. It has an indirectly heated oxide cathode, heater ratings are 12.6 V, 0.63 A. Cathode is conected to the brass tube base, base pins are located in a basal porcelain disk held by the brass base.

The tube could be used for wavelengths down to 4.5 metres, resulting in a maximal frequency of about 65 MHz. Equivalent type was RS 287. It also had a stronger brother, the RL 12 P 50.